10 10 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE › BIOSECURITY Biosecurity As an egg producer within the human food chain you have a responsibility to adhere to strict biosecure meas- ures and therefore biosecurity plan- ning should be an essential part of your farm strategy. What are the benefits of good biosecurity to you? › Helps restrict the risk of infection of diseases to your premises. › Reduces the risk of zoonotic disease becoming established › Restricts the spread of disease on and off your site. › Reduces the risk of challenges to your flock which can impact productivity. › Cuts potential costs of disease treatment which can improve profitability. 3 major components of biosecurity Good biosecurity should be practised at all times and not just during a disease outbreak. All-in/All-out Implementing a system whereby the farm has a complete period with no hens onsite during cleanout and disinfection period and only stocking single age groups will drastically reduce the disease pressure. Restrict and control the vehicle and visitor movement on and off your farm both internal and external. Traffic Control The disinfection of materials, people and equipment entering and on the farm. It refers also to cleaning and disinfection proce- dures of poultry facilities during the service period. Sanitation Biosecurity means taking steps to ensure good hygiene practices are in place so the risk of an occurrence or spreading of a disease from or to your premises is limited.