14 14 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE › EARLY MANAGEMENT Placement – Aviary › There are many different aviary rearing systems and you should always refer to the management guidelines for your system. › The principles however are the same. › Ensure the house has been correctly set up and all equipment tested. › Encouraging exploratory behaviour through the system helps train the birds to jump and fly. › Maintain an optimal environment with adequate temperature and humidity levels. › Ensure the lighting program encourages movement throughout the whole system in line with management guidelines. › Familiarisation with perches will aid the bird when moved to the layer house. In the first days after hatch, the chicks are not able to regulate their own body temperature, they are de- pendent on an external heat source. The house should have already been pre-warmed to 35–36 degrees prior to housing and now the ambient tem- perature needs to be monitored and maintained. The optimal body temperature of the chick is around 40–41°C (104 – 105.8°F). Checking the chick’s temperature from day one is a very useful tool not only to monitor the health sta- tus but also as an indicator of the ambient environment within the house helping you to manage your systems to obtain optimum tempera- ture levels. To do this, we can use a simple modern ear thermometer.