15 15 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE Take random sample of temperatures from different parts of the house to create an overall picture of the environment. Use the same method you use when weighing chicks. Using this calculation, you can adjust the house temperature accordingly to achieve optimal chick temperatures of 40 – 41°C. For example, increase the house temperature by 0.5°C (0.9°F) if the average body temperature of the chicks is 39.5°C (103.1°F). When you have the readings, you need to calculate an average and record the uniformity. Cloacal recording sheet How to adjust the house temperature There are also many external factors which could have a negative effect on the body temperature of the chicks: › Insufficient air distribution in the house › Low humidity level (low heat transfer capacity of the air) › Failing to pre-warm the house at the right time Always pay close attention to your birds. Their behaviour is often the best indicator of their well-being: If the chicks are evenly spread out and moving freely, tempera- ture and ventilation is accept- able. If the chicks are crowding to- gether or avoiding certain areas within the house, temperature is too low or there is a draft. If the chicks are laying on the floor with their wings spread out and gasping for air, tem- perature is too high.