20 20 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE › EARLY MANAGEMENT Monitoring the weight and uniform- ity of a flock is extremely important when assessing the developmental progress. Body weight monitoring should begin in rear and continue throughout the production period. It has been proven that reaching and maintaining body weight targets at crucial trigger points can and will have a bearing on flock performance throughout their lifetime. Body weight/ Uniformity & Development Bird weighing Many decisions you may make as a producer will be determined by the progress of the growth curve and the uniformity of the flock. Decisions on diet changes should be driven by bodyweight, while the decision to stimulate while gov- erned by your commercial require- ments will also be heavily influenced by body weight and uniformity. Chicks and pullets should therefore be weighed weekly starting from week one, this allows you to iden- tify any deviation from target to act accordingly and in good time. Always weigh the flocks at the same time as mealtimes can influence body weight. Body weight tables LOHMANN LSL-CLASSIC LOHMANN BROWN-CLASSIC LOHMANN BROWN-EXTRA LOHMANN BROWN-PLUS LOHMANN LSL-LITE LOHMANN BROWN-LITE LOHMANN TRADITION LOHMANN SANDY