35 35 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE Crucial points to consider in the management of laying hens, the choice of light sources and the design of lighting programs: › Always match daylight hours between the rearing house and production facility. › Ensure your lighting system is optimum for your produc- tion system. › Eliminate any unnecessary dark areas and shadowing. › Use dimming or step-down facilities to encourage bird movement. › Design a lighting program with market and local con- ditions in mind. › Never reduce the lighting day length in the laying period. › Reduce light ingress in open houses as much as pos- sible to prevent early stimulation. Please follow some basic principles concerning the lighting program: › Never increase the hours of light during the rearing period until the planned stimulation begins. › Never decrease the hours of light during the production period. Lighting program Lighting program for your market Understanding the influence your lighting program in rear will have on your required egg profile and require- ments for the laying flock will help devise your lighting program. Lighting programs while influenced by geographical location, house type and commercial requirements are often specific to the individual, and any suggestions offered should be used as a guide only. Closed houses are generally easier to control in regards lighting pro- grams as there is no natural light ingress within the house. Therefore, you have full control over the light- ing program and can often manipu- late it, within reason, to your needs. In open house facilities where natu- ral daylight will influence the flock, a tailor-made lighting program should be developed which includes the time of year and geographical location where the pullets are being reared and stimulated to lay. LTZ Lighting Programme Tool LOHMANN TIERZUCHT have created a geographical lighting calculator to help you formulate your specific lighting program for your region. This can be a very useful tool in creating a program that meets all your requirements.