8 8 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE › HOUSING SYSTEMS Pullet rearing & Equipment for alternative systems Pullets destined for alternative hous- ing systems should be reared in simi- lar systems to the destination house, or at the very least in systems that provide similar furniture. The more closely the growing facil- ity resembles the future production system, the easier it will be for the pullets to settle down in their new environment after transfer. This not only applies to the house de- sign but also the equipment within the house. Floor system Floor Floor rearing systems should consist of a well littered, climate controlled, evenly illuminated shed which, in ad- dition to the standard feeders and drinkers, also provides slightly raised roosting places. These should be a mix of perching bars and raised slat- ted flooring. Ideally a winch system consisting of a slatted area and nipple drinkers should be provided to help encourage exploratory behaviour. It is vital that within these systems, the birds have access to rails and perches before 5 weeks of age to help the training process. Encourage movement !