LOHMANN BREEDERS SUNNY-SIDE-UP 14 LOHMANN BREEDERS UK Lohmann Breeders UK Ltd with its headquarters in Perth, Scotland began operating in May 2018 with the pure line site “Perthshire Breeding Farm” after a 1.5 year planning and building phase. In to- tal, around 30,000 pure line cockerels and hens were introduced. In close coordination with the genetics, logistics and veterinary and production departments, the new team was shown the ropes under the direction of our farm manager Julian Daeth. The staff had already been intensi- vely trained in advance, and some of them travelled to Ca- nada to be instructed there at the pure breed farm in York. A total of eight employees began work. Shortly after housing, it was decided that the already approved third house, a second manure store and additional general sto- rage capacity would be built in the framework of the de- velopment of the animal numbers in the genetics area of LOHMANN TIERZUCHT GmbH in time for the 2019 introduction! Implementing construction measures while the farm is operating required specific adjustment of our own internal biosecurity regulations and compliance with those of the local veterinary au- thorities. Therefore, a biosecurity project was crea- ted in coordination with the local veterinary authority. Extra building site fences, disinfection facilities, and an extra construction road for the construction vehicles and buil- ders were created to ensure that our flock remained under the highest biosecurity measures even during the building work. The building activity began in January 2019 and en- ded as planned in July 2019! At the same time, the tests planned by the genetics de- partment, for example laying performance, egg breaking resistance, feed consumption, etc., were performed with