11 SUNNY-SIDE-UP On behalf of the department: Sabine Kinzinger king on making the system processes and documents electronically accessible for all employees. In this way, changes and revisions can be made available quickly and easily in a variety of languages.  Plan and perform internal audits : The operating facilities are regularly visited and monitored by our colleagues, to identify and handle any need for improvement.  Support external audits : Our operating facilities are re- gularly visited and inspected by customers, authorities and certifying companies. We often offer support during these visits and at the same time learn about what we still need to improve. CONCLUSION Active quality management means structured scrutiny of the processes within the company to identify failures and learn from them, and by doing so continuously improve the company. It is precisely this that ultimately benefits the customer but above all the whole team within the compa- ny. So: MAKE ERRORS and work on a solution in the team!! We are here to help you as you look for new pathways!