8 Another exciting year is coming to an end. But we never expec- ted it to be quite as exciting as it turned out to be at the end of the year. We have been informed that our veterinary laboratory will be spun off and therefore, become independent. We had a huge amount of work, and ultimately a social plan and a balance of interests need to be created and organised. To begin with, the colleagues in the laboratory were very uncertain, as nobody knew what effects the spin-off would have. As things stand at present, we in the works council are very ple- ased with the prepared social plan and the balance of interests. The veterinary laboratory will be established on 01.01.2020 as “Lohmann Diagnostics Germany”. This means that there will be a completely new corporate identity for the new company, including for example its own company logo. We wish our colleagues every success in the newly formed company. What does the spin-off of Lohmann Diagnostics Germany GmbH mean? The spin-off means you are once again required to vote for a new works council. The colleagues in the laboratory will also do this. Due to the size of the company, there will be committees made up of three members. You will receive further information about this closer to the date. Another meeting we are expecting before the end of the year is for the wage negotiations between our trade union and Loh- mann Tierzucht GmbH. This involves a tariff increase for the NGG members. That was taking place on 09.12.2019 in Bremen, in the rooms of the NGG. The tariff commission elected by the trade uni- on members is made up of Verena Becker, Volker Lagemann and Jan Kraßmann. Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH will be represented du- ring the negotiations this time by the company solicitor, Mr Axel Karch, and the NGG by Thorsten Zierdt. We hope that as you read this article, you already know the outcome of these negotiations. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. DEAR COLLEAGUES, YourWorker‘s Council SUNNY-SIDE-UP