SUNNY-SIDE-UP 7 The LOHMANN family is growing worldwide!! Also, this year our LOHMANN family has received great growth. We congratulate all our colleagues very warmly and wish them and their families all the best and a wonderful and exciting time! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 10 YEARS OF SERVICE JUBILEES 01.04.2009 Dirk Polke Seedeich 01.05.1994 Ron Eek Regional Area Manager 01.08.2009 Jennifer Junge Veterinary laboratory 01.08.1994 Detlef Follmer Seedeich 01.08.1994 Martina Hass Seedeich 25 YEARS OF SERVICE OFFSPRING Name: Adam Chairi Date and place of birth: May-22-2019 at 11:00 in Tanger, Marokko Length: 52 cm Weight: 3600 g Mohammed Chairi Name: Gabriel Koksa Date and place of birth: June-26-2019 at 14:22 in Valladolid, Spain Length: 50 cm Weight: 3420 g Aneta and Martin Koksa Name: Elias Tuttle Date and place of birth: Februa- ry-20-2019 at 16:50 in Hamilton, Canada Weight: 4500 g Scott Tuttle Name: Henrik Wetter Date and place of birth: September-18-2019 at 10:38 in Bremerhaven, Germany Length: 49 cm Weight: 2550 g Wiebke Icken Name: Eric Kang Kim Date and place of birth: May-4-2019 at 06:32 in Valladolid, Spain Length: 50,5 cm Weight: 3180 g David Kang Name: Julius-Walter Callwitz Date and place of birth: September-5-2019 at 8:15 in Cuxhaven, Germany Length: 51 cm Weight: 3500 g Andrea Callwitz