5 SUNNY-SIDE-UP HERE ARE SOME PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR NEW COLLEAGUES: We are pleased to welcome Lina Hattendorf as ano- ther new addition to the LOHMANN TEAM. She has been a member of our team since 01.04.2019 and is responsible for the field test and pure line farms, and the Weihenstephan funnel nest box in the genetics department. Lina is 24 years old and lives in Cuxhaven. Before she moved to Cuxhaven, Lina successfully completed her degree at the University of Hohen- heim, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in agricultural science. She originally comes from Immensen in the Hanover region, where she lived on a farm with her parents. Starting next January 2020, Pablo Campino Johnson , will join the technical team of H&N Latam, without Brazil. Pablo has 40 years of experience in poultry pro- duction and diets formulation for laying hens, broiler breeders and broilers. He is married, and he has a son who has made him grandfather. He lives in Chile, he started in the broiler production and broiler breeder in 1978 in Agricola Ariztia. In 1992, he was invi- ted to participate in the project of Agricola Chorombo, a company that at that time was strong in egg production and was expanding to broilers production. From this new position, participated in the design of the new hatchery, modernize and build broiler and broiler breeders flocks. In all these years he has participated very actively in the development of the Chilean poultry industry, from the companies where he has worked, and as director of the association of poultry veterinarians of Chile (AMEVEA) and the Chilean branch of WPSA. He likes football, cycling and swimming ... in not so cold water. He lives with his wife, on a plot of grass, trees, dogs and a grill. Also, he likes to do trips to the countryside or beach. Also new in the LOHMANN family is Dr. Alexey Dro- nov , who is supporting the Technical Service since 01.12.2019. He is 43 years old, married and has two children (18 and 7). Alexey is born and grown up in Rus- sia and graduated in Veterinary medicine from the Veterinary Univer- sity in Omsk/Russia. After completing his doctorate at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover in Immunology he joined the regu- latory affairs department of Heel GmbH in Baden-Baden, Germany. After two years working in the Southern Germany he decided to go back to the North and started to work at Lohmann Animal health GmbH in Cuxhaven where he held further management positions for another 7 years. 2014 he joined EW Nutrition GmbH in dual role with Vaxxinova Gmbh and was involved in to the different sales projects in Middle East and Europe as a Sales Director. Working with poultry is his passion. He is trying to understand and where is possible to im- prove this industry. On the other hand, it is equally clear that he can discover every day something new about the poultry sector which is exactly what makes it so challenging and appealing for him. Alexey´s hobby is hunting and he believes that the hunt is an integral part of the nature conservation, culture and identity of our society. He is also active in the support of international youth work. New to our team but certainly not new to LOHMANN is Harout Akilian , also known as Harry amongst friends and colleagues. He initially joined us on 12th March 2015 as quality control manager in our hatchery in Ca- nada, and as of 11th March 2019 is part of the Technical Service team for Middle East and Africa. He is 29 years old and is currently living in Spain. He graduated his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Sciences in 2012, while simultaneously obtaining a diploma of agricultural engi- neer, he then continued to finish his master’s degree in 2015 in Animal Sciences from the American University of Beirut (AUB), in Lebanon. His passions are enjoying life in the best ways possible and always dis- covering new things. Spending time with family and friends, playing music and watching football are his favourite pass-times. A motto in life, from the late great Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “Only the unknown frightens men. But once a man has faced the unknown, that terror becomes the known.” Thorsten Müller is also new to the LOHMANN TIER- ZUCHT team. He has been supporting our team as a production worker in the feed mill in Dorum since 15.10.2019. Thorsten is 39 years old and lives with his partner in Beverstedt. Before he joined us, the qualified bricklayer worked for 10 years as a lorry driver at Grunenberg Spedition. Thors- ten enjoys fishing in his spare time.