3 This year we again took part in the annual Campus Cup, which was held on the Sahlenburg Sportplatz on Friday, 14th June. Together with the companies Elanco, Nutrilo 1 & 2, TAD, Kaesler Nutrition, and Lohmann Pharma, we the LOHMANN TIERZUCHT wanted to once again demonstrate our footballing prowess. Kick-off was at 3.30 pm in glorious sunshine, and the tournament began with some exciting tackles. Like last year, two teams played at the same time. As our team this year was even smaller than last year, our amazing Italian defender Davide was absent, and we hadn’t been able to purchase additional excellent footballers for the tournament, our chances this year were not the best. But, thank goodness, we were able to enlist to our team our trainee Pippa from Scotland and our Polish tradesmen who were working here at this moment. How­ ever, this led to a few communication problems on the pitch, and so our first few encounters remained fruitless. Even in the subsequent games, we weren’t able to find the right formula for success and, in the end, had to admit defeat. At least our performance improved a little in the last game, and we were able to score our one and only goal of the tournament, which was celebrated enthusiastically. In the end, Kaesler Nutrition was able to fend off the competition and claim the trophy. We finished in last place, but nevertheless, the team members had a lot of fun and did their utmost to make the best of our mixed team. At this point, we would like to thank those responsible for the ex- cellent organisation, and the company management, who made our participation possible this year. A huge thank you also goes to our tradesmen and our trainee Pippa, who were in Cuxhaven at that time and provided their support. Without them, we would not have been able to take part at all! CAMPUS-CUP 2019 Kira Döhring SUNNY-SIDE-UP