Also this year, I am pleased that we can publish our Sunny Side Up again. It is always a great opportunity for me to approach all of you to inform directly from my side about some things that you may be dealing with. I can imagine that this time the current focus is on the spin-off of the vet. lab. I hope that you see this process as a chance for the veterinary laboratory on the one hand and on the other for yourselves. For the veterinary laboratory as an independent company, it is an obvious opportunity to expand the range of services to new products and new markets, and thus to succeed on a sustainable and strong path in the future. You should see this reorientation also as a chance for you to actively introduce yourselves and your own ideas into the new structures, to grow up professionally and, under an independent management, to concentrate on the activities of the laboratory itself. This offers all possibilities for improvements and suggestions which are not necessarily alignedwithour other poultry activities. So, take advantage of the benefits. LOHMANN is always behind the success of it. But also in other areas a lot has happened and will continue to happen. I hope you will enjoy reading about events, new members of our LOHMANN family and the arrival of new small family members to some of our colleagues. With this in mind, I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020, in which we will master all challenges together again, I‘m sure. Sincerely yours Javier Ramírez Villaescusa Dear Colleagues, 2