Lohmann Hatchery Guide

17 17 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE Temperature When the hatchery manager asks about perfect incubation temperature, he or she is normally referring to the set-point fix in the setter machine. For most constructor brands. This is the air temperature, which is dictated from a sensor, which is posi- tioned in the centre of the zone controlled. All hatchery managers know that is a deli- cate and critical relationship between this temperature and real hatchability perfor- mance and chicks’ quality. We have just mentioned that the incuba- tion time and chicks’ developments have a relationship to the temperature of our embryos, and accelerations or retardations of the chick’s development cause extra costs in performance and quality. Optimising the eggshell temperature is the key to the optimum condition of embryos, and a simple control of this is the eggshell record data. The perfect temperature is, for themost part of incubation, around100 °F– 100.2 °F for LOHMANN BROWN and 100.1 °F–100.3 F° for LOHMANN LSL, in last part of incubation these temperatures gradually increase, and we know from experience and from many tests that it is very complicated to have a perfect view of the incubation process in the first two weeks, as, on same tray, on any day, the recognised temperature of eggs can vary. This is why it is important to control a suffi- cient number of embryos in different trays and in different positions, to remove data from infertile eggs, and to make averages. If the number of infertile eggs increases a lot because of the health or age of the flock, it is important to take action to regu- late the temperature, even when the set- ters are not full of eggs. For this reason, it is important to consider the brand and trays and to use the right setter trays fill-up. Full trolley Partial trolley missing from 1 to 24 Maximum example of empty trays *After this point bet- ter № 4 trolley total empty in the row near at Fan, balance for Zone Partial trolley missing from 117 to 138 Impotant all trays full of № 150 eggs IMPORTANT If we don’t need the complete setter capacity follow a schematic for have a better AIR-FLOW in the setter For LOHMANN TIERZUCHT Davide Assirelli Partial trolley missing from 25 to 48 Partial trolley missing from 49 to 72 Partial trolley missing from 73 to 94 Partial trolley missing from 95 to 116 Setter trolley fill-up