Lohmann Hatchery Guide

23 23 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE Operators need to pay attention to bios- ecurity by cleaning and sanitising hands at every possible contamination; the Roth eggs (contaminated eggs that are not re- moved by automatic candling because it is dark) have to be removed. This is very important because these eggs can ex- plode in baskets with chicks which have just hatched, and contaminate all chicks that have an open navel and are there- fore more vulnerable. This can cause real increases in first week mortality and infec- tion at the yolk sac. If some flock operators arrange a refill, it is important that the same percentage of live embryos for all baskets is calculated in advance, as well as the hatcher condition number. The operator should organise the level and the distribution of the hatcher dolly. To organise a perfect balanced hatcher, follow the set pattern if necessary; below are two different examples: Filling up hatcher Dolly to guarantee the best embryo/chick condition Filling up hatcher Dolly to guarantee the right air-flow