Lohmann Hatchery Guide

35 35 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE Malposition of air cell: › › General malposition; head in middle of legs; head on left side: wrong turn- ing; wrong angle; too high or too low incubation temperature; incorrect hu- midity; shaking during eggs handling; shocks in turning . › › Lateral air cells: problems with turn- ing at the wrong angle; transport of eggs blunt-up; wrong positioning in trays; bad trays (too much space for lit- tle eggs). › › Horizontal position of embryos, with big air cells: excessive weight loss of eggs; micro cracks; turning failure. › › Feet on head: low level of amniotic liquid; control weight loss of eggs, eggs percentage composition (Yolk/albu- men%, feed breeder vitamin support). Malposition: wings under head: › › Head over wings: control turning; control symmetric action to right/ left at the same angle; bad trays (too much space for little eggs). Upside-down eggs: › › Upside-down chick’s position: wrong positioning of eggs at collection; transport of eggs blunt-up. These are eggs and embryos which were lost just before the transfer process due to wrong flock conditions, wrong farm conditions, wrong handling of eggs, wrong setting and wrong incubation. The following records can be attributed to genetics, farms, and setter and hatcher issues.