Lohmann Hatchery Guide

38 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE 38 › › Chicks are live but no cut eggs: check point of descript over, setting programme, calibration of machine; pay particular attention to the right time for the typology of eggs. › › Eggs which have been damaged in farm collection, in storage, handling or in setter time: check eggshell and share informa- tion with farm management; improve the actions of the operator; request more gentle action. › › Perfect chicks, fully formed but dead: be aware that the chicks may be dead due to external issues: the opera- tor may have moved the basket aggres- sively, the chicks may have suffered be- cause of a damaged basket or because of an extremely long hatch window time or an extremely long process in the hatcher at critical conditions. › › Chicks are fully formed and have a soft body and a bad smell: check No pip embryos: Broken eggs in setter: Chicks dead in basket: for contamination; check E-coli value; check for aspergillus; introduce the right disinfection format in the hatcher process; pay attention that dirty eggs, if used, can cause these problems. NECROPSY AND BREAKOUTS ANALYSIS