Lohmann Hatchery Guide

43 43 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE In this hatchery guide we don’t want to recommend any vaccine or system of use. Every country, every customer and every hatchery has a specific preference for a ty- pology of vaccine and system, which can be INOVO, intra-muscles in legs, in neck with handle injection, semi-automatic in- jector, total automatic robot or sprayed. All these tools are used differently and have different things to look out during use. However, whatever the vaccine and the method of use, it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for every vaccine concerning the system of providing the vaccine, the dosage, the term of use after reconstruction/DE-frozen (time and temperature) and the disinfec- tion. Everything is very important in this delicate job and our main objective is to protect our chicks from poultry disease. This isn’t easy because it is important to damage neither the value of the vaccine, nor our chicks. Don’t mix different vaccines on your own initiative; if several different vaccinations are required, use only registered combina- tions formulated by the different manu- facturers and respect the “pause” time between one vaccination and the next. Use authorised diluents conserved in per- fect conditions and check that the use of some products doesn’t damage “the vac- cination title”. The vaccine world is experiencing a con- tinuing upgrade process. New products and new discoveries can change the use and the priority, so we need the latest in- formation, where it is just as important to respect the use and the conditions. Every vaccine manufacturer gives the perfect recommendations for their entire selec- tion of different vaccines, and it is impor- tant to respect this for all the different systems used. Do not change the vaccine preparation, but notice and verify the dos- age for every system. INOVO This is the most modern vaccination and is in continued evolution. The embryos are vaccinated in the eggs transfer time from day 18.5 (no earlier, in order not to lose per- centage) to day 19.5. In the past there was only one provider, but now several differ- ent brands of constructor build this type of eggs injector machine. In this vaccination it is really important that the general bios- ecurity of the vaccine dispenser pipe to the needle of the INOVO machine, is cleaned at the hatchers and is disinfected after every dosage with a good product. This is the ba- sis for reducing late mortality, and it is nec- essary to pay maximum attention to con- tamination of eggs and aspergillus, which can completely destroy the hatchability. Advantages of INOVO vaccination include the velocity of the process and the reduced stress to the chicks, the early start of anti- body coverage and the 100 % guarantee of injection in the right place. Chicks’ vaccination INOVO INOVO INOVO