Lohmann Hatchery Guide

45 45 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE Spray vaccinations Some vaccines can have spray usages. This is easiest system, isn’t invasive, and doesn’t cause problems for infection, if the prepa- ration of solution follows the vaccine man- ufacturer’s recommendations. Please be aware, however, that it isn’t totally free of risks: it is important know that our chicks need some time to relax and return to a tranquil condition after vaccination (it is a very stressful event for our day-old chicks) in perfect climate conditions. When using spray vaccination, the dosage of water, the size of the nozzle that determines the vac- cine distribution and the temperature of the solution and of the room where the vaccine is used are all very important. The chicks need some time in an illuminated room for a proper assimilation of some ty- pologies of vaccine. Holding and delivery of chicks The holding or storage of chicks has to maintain the perfect conditions for the chicks: a dark or blue light condition helps them to relax, for example. Checking body temperature is the key for maintaining perfect conditions, whether or not we have a holding cabinet. Transport of day-old chicks from the hatch- ery to the farm is a delicate phase, as the wrong transport conditions can totally de- stroy chicks’ quality and liveability, and there- fore ruin the good work done in the farm production stage and in all hatchery pro- cesses. The risk of exposing the chicks to the wrong conditions is real, and the goal is to Thermos photo inside a truck