Lohmann Hatchery Guide

56 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE 56 HYGIENE Steps Instructions Baskets washing machine Tray washing machine Expected results 1 Start the machines Use potable water Temperature of the water: 60 °C Pressure: 20–30 (cleaning) – 15-20 (pre-cleaning) bars Time: 15 min Introduce the cleaning agent To start the process at the time when the temperature of the water is enough for the cleaning programme Introduce the cleaning agent Manual or automatic Manual or automatic Monitor the recommended quantity of cleaning agent 2 Automatically, the machine uses a pre-cleaning programme to remove the dirt Automatic process 3 Cleaning: automatic equipment spreads the cleaning agent on the surface of tray and baskets. Automatic process 4 Rinsing: automatic pressure water at: Temperature :15–20 °C Final rising: 10 °C Pressure: 5–10 bars Visually check if the area and equipment are clean. If not repeat the steps 1–3 5 Disinfection: the equipment au- tomatically spreads disinfectant on surfaces of trays and baskets Agent: Visually check to monitor that all equipment surfaces are clean. If not, repeat the steps 1 to 4 and check again. Monitor the conti- nuous usage of the disinfectant. Responsibilities This procedure applies to hatchery em- ployees involved in the cleaning and sani- tising of tray and baskets. It is the respon- sibility of the quality control specialist (or hatchery supervisor area) to ensure that these procedures are followed. Process description The washing equipment is cleaned and disinfected in the following steps: 1. Physically remove product debris by the use of water pressure. 2. Clean using a cleaning agent. 3. Rinse with warmpotable water to remove remaining debris and cleaning agent. 4. Disinfect using an automatic system. Sanitise equipment with an approved sanitiser that is mixed and used accord- ing to the manufacturer’s directions. 5. Check and reassemble the equipment.