Lohmann Hatchery Guide

6 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE 6 Example for a template "Egg stock and quality list" Date of Receipt Egg ID Code farm Production Date Number of Eggs Egg Temperature Shell Quality Number of Dirty Eggs Upside Down Eggs in Stock Note Crack - Shaped - Double Good hatching eggs must follow these criteria: › › Cleaneggshell (nodefecation litter, blood) › › Uniformity (no undersized or oversized eggs), weight range according to hatchery’s decision (usually 50 to 70) › › No cracks › › Well-shaped › › No double yolk › › Set in trays or in pulp trays with the pointed end facing downwards HANDLING HATCHING EGGS if the hatchery decides to use these eggs, it must consider the high risk of spreading the contamination and related problems to other eggs and to hatching layer chicks. Therefore, floor eggs are stored and in- cubated separately and preferably have a dedicated trolley and a dedicated setter (which is a better option than having a setter at the bottom of every trolley). This way, they are easier to trace through every part of the process, which guarantees the best biosecurity and reduces the risk of di- rect transmission. Warning: the production of hatchability eggs in farms situated at more than 1000 m above sea level needs particular atten- tion and different settings. It is important that the hatchery records the number of eggs removed from each flock and reports back to the parents’ farm. Below is an example of a records form. Malformed egg (note the wrong pore distribution) and a good hatching egg