Lohmann Hatchery Guide

9 9 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE Recommended climate conditions during egg storage Storage Time Temperature Relative Humidity Egg Position days °C °F % 0–4 21–19 69–64 75–60 Trays 5–7 18–17 63–61 78–70 Trays & S.P.I.D.E.S (if done …….. temperature fixed at 18–17 °C permanently) 8–9 16–15 60–57 80 Blunt end up but ……. if S.P.I.D.E.S, trays at 18–17 °C 10 or more 14–12 56 88 Recommended to turn eggs but …….. if S.P.I.D.E.S, trays at 18–17 °C 11 mcr diameter and info about pore; 375 good eggshells Roth and banged should avoid condensation too and that closed pores have the effect of reducing the exchange of oxygen and carbon diox- ide and of influencing relative weight loss of eggs, and can also facilitate penetration of microorganisms into the eggs, increas- ing their contamination. A possible solution for contaminated and ex- plosive eggs is the use of a dipping machine, as sucheggs candamage thequality ofmany other chicks. A dipping machine can help a lot, but this process needs delicate attention and perfect selection of a product to use as well as relative conservation. A good dipping process can increase hatchability from 0.5 % to 1 %, and some eggs are cracked, depend- ing on their eggshell quality, but it guarantee less contaminated chicks and no explosion at all in the setter. The egg rooms can easily be kept the right set-point, to reduce risk of sweating. Even if a S.P.I.D.E.S process isn’t routine, it is better have several different storage rooms where it is possible to select the right set-point, de- pending on the different eggs requested. The sufficient climate capacity, in warm- ing, cooling and air flow, helps to reduce the risk of mistakes and condensation. To preserve the hatchability during long storage without S.P.I.D.E.S, it is sensible to turn the eggs. If it isn’t possible to have an automatic turning system, it is recom- mendable to turn the eggs by hand 3 times a day, approximately every 8 hours. If the eggs are not in trays, but in carton pulp trays, it is of benefit to store the eggs Eggs will sweat if the relative humidity % RH outside storage room is higher than: Temperature of storage room Temperature outside the storage room 15 °C 18 °C 21 °C 24 °C 21 °C – – – > 85 % 18 °C – – > 83 % > 71 % 16 °C – > 89 % > 74 % > 60 % 12 °C > 74 % > 64 % > 53 % > 44 %