8 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE 8 General Recommendations › Before bringing in the chicks, check that everything is in good working order. › Warm up the house in good time up to 35–36 °C. In summer start heating at least 24 hours and in winter at least 48 hours before the chicks arrive. When the right temperature has been achieved, supply minimum ventilation. This will avoid temperature differences within the house. › Use minimum ventilation to supply fresh air. As soon as it is possible start with more ventilation for better climate. › Maintain the recommended temperatures (35–36 °C) during the first 48–72 hours. Watch carefully the birds behavior. Birds should be active at least one 12 hours after arrival. › Relative humidity should be at least 60% (60–75 % is optimal). › The right height of the drinkers must be adjusted to allow the chicks to drink water without difficulty. › Reduce the water pressure of the nipples in order to enable the chicks to find water easily. › Keep drinking water temperature between 20–25 °C by temporarily flushing the nipple drinker lines or renewing the water in the chick founts (for at least the first 3 days). › Follow the recommended lighting pro- grammes (refer to page 24).  Cage Systems › Adjust the cage floors and feeding grids according to the manufacturer’s instruc- tions. › Place sheets of paper on the cage floor for the first days and distribute a bit of feed on this paper. The papers must be removed by day 7. › Unload all chick boxes and distribute them in the house. Remove all lids and place them on the top of the boxes. › Quickly place the chicks near feeders and drinkers. Distribute the chicks evenly among the cages starting at the far end of the house. HOUSING CHICKS