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Dip the beaks of a few chicks into water

and trigger nipple or water cups to help

them start drinking.

Supply the chicks with additional feeding

bowls to ensure a better feed intake in the

first few days. After cleaning and refilling

the bowls put them back in another place

close to the old place.

Chicks should be fully feathered before

brooding equipment has to be removed.

Body Temperature of the


The body temperature of housed chicks

is a very useful indicator to adjust house

temperature in an optimum way. A simple

tool to measure the body temperature

of day old chicks is usage of modern

ear thermometers, known from human

medicine. The correct application tomeasure

the body temperature is just to touch the

cloaca gently with the thermometer probe.

The optimal body temperature of the chicks

is about 40 to 41 °C.

Obtain samples of the chicks distributed

in different parts of the house in order

to have reliable results. Proceed in a way

you normally do while weighing chicks/

pullets to check their uniformity. Collect the

information, calculate the average and adjust

house temperature accordingly to achieve

optimal chick temperatures. For example

increase the house temperature by 0.5 °C, if

the average body temperature of the chicks

is 39.5 °C.

Besides house temperature, there are

other factors which could affect the body

temperature of the chicks negatively:

Insufficient air distribution in the house

Low humidity level (heat transfer capacity

of the air)

Missing to pre-warm the house at the right


After a few hours, check whether the chicks

have settled down well. The chicks behaviour

is the best indicator of their well-being:

If the chicks are evenly spread out and

moving freely, temperature and ventilation

are all right.

If the chicks are crowding together or

avoiding certain areas within the house,

temperature is too lowor there is a draught.

If the chicks are lying about on the floor

with outspread wings and gasping for air,

temperature is too high.

Chicks should be active eating and

drinking. Check if the bird find out where

the water is and if they are learning to

drink. When the water is too hot chicks can

refuse to drink, water must be fresh!


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