3 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE 3 Most people who are involved in commer- cial egg production, have seen management guides for different strains of layers before and may think “if you have seen one, you’ve seen them all”. Others take the contents more se- riously and expect frequent updates to find specific data which apply to the current gen- eration of layers and current management practices. Newcomers in the business may need more detailed explanations than can be presented in this compact format. We hope that each reader will find some use- ful information, to confirm proven manage- ment practices or to stimulate improvements. Why should you study this management guide? INTRODUCTION TOP PERFORMANCE BY SYSTEMATIC SELECTION In recent decades, advanced methods have significantly improved breeding quality. Due to the development of powerful electronic data processing systems, it has become pos- sible to put the theory of selection system- atically into practice – thus turning modern quantitative genetics into reality. From very early on, LOHMANN TIERZUCHT used these new statistical techniques and can therefore offer an extensive range of experience and know-how. A highly quali- fied  team of specialists guarantees prompt utilization of the latest research results. The market’s changing demands can therefore be met quickly and effectively. The basic requirements for performing ge- netic progress are: › Individual performance recording of the pure line birds › Laying performance › Egg weight