22 LOHMANN TIERZUCHT › MANAGEMENT GUIDE 22 By stimulating feed intake egg weight can be increased and limited by controlled feed- ing. In the case of appropriate house con- struction, there’s the possibility to adjust the house temperature in the opposite direction of desired egg weight and feed intake. Contact your LOHMANN TIERZUCHT special- ists for specific programmes with recom- mendations for nutrition and management adjusted to your conditions and require- ments.  Supplements Supplements ensure the necessary supply of essential vitamins , trace elements and sub- stances such as anti-oxidants or carotenoids. Suitable supplementation can compensate for the varying contents of raw materials and safeguard the supply of all necessary nutrients. Remark: Vitamin C is synthesised by poultry normally. This vitamin is not considered as essential, but in some circumstances, like heat stress or hot climate, it may be impor- tant / beneficial to add 100–200 mg/kg com- plete feed during production period.