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Water Vaccination

Technical Term

  1. Check the health status of the birds and vaccinate only healthy birds.
  2. Make sure there are no sanitizers or acidifiers in the water system. Withdraw all medications, acidifiers and sanitizers at least 48 hours prior vaccination.
  3. As a general guideline, all vaccinated water should be consumed within two hours. To facilitate this, water has to be withheld from the birds for a period of time prior to vaccination.
  4. Mixing the vaccine in an adequate amount of water is essential for a uniform and desired immune response. Determine the water volume needed for vaccination the day before vaccination.
  5. Preparation of vaccine solution: Add stabilizer to water that contains blue dye before adding the vaccine.
  6. Prime the drinker lines with vaccinated water and let the blue-stained water reach the far end of each line.
  7. Lower the drinkers to bird level.
  8. Walk along the drinkers and encourage birds to go to the drinkers.
  9. Check nipples/drinkers for any blockage.
  10. Write the name and batch number of the vaccine on the house chart.
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