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Lohmann School 2016

LOHMANN SCHOOL 2016 in Cuxhaven and on Tour in the Netherlands!


23. -27. May 2016 A total of 44 participants from 25 nations accepted our invitation to attend our LOHMANN SCHOOL 2016 held here in Cuxhaven.

This year’s event was divided into two parts. On the first three days, emphasis was placed particularly on the most important subjects surrounding the management of parent stock and layers, e.g. feeding, animal health and housing as well as brooding. During these days, we made it our priority to deal with these subjects interactively with the participants. The exchange of experiences among the group members is an absolute must throughout the whole LOHMANN SCHOOL.

In addition to handling technical issues, we also made sure that ‘fun & leisure’ did not fall too far behind. A bowling contest was held and the sweet singing voices of the participants were put to the test during our Karaoke session on one of the evenings.

An excursion to the Netherlands made up the second half of the LOHMANN SCHOOL. The participants had the opportunity to visit a state-of-the-art hatchery. Afterwards, there was a guided tour of the “Rondeel Farm” which has a special management system that is unique in the Netherlands.

It gives us great pleasure to conclude that this year’s LOHMANN SCHOOL was once again a successful event!

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