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Planalto Postura: Another Major Distributor of LOHMANN Layers in Brazil


Planalto Postura, the most traditional day-old layer distributor of Brazil, located in the city of Uberlandia, Minas Gerais State, has just announced a partnership with LOHMANN TIERZUCHT to distribute the commercial layers, “LOHMANN LSL and LOHMANN BROWN” within the Brazilian market.

This will be in addition to LOHMANN do Brasil, based in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo. The first deliveries will take place from July 2016 onwards.

Under Planalto Postura’s operations and quality control system, and together with the strong support of LOHMANN TIERZUCHT’s Sales and Technical Services staff, the well-known team at Planalto Postura will be in charge to provide full support and follow-up on Planalto’s past, present and future deliveries.

“We’ve already proven ourselves and are recognized as the most committed commercial layer distributor in this country. We’ll keep working strongly and closely with our loyal customers and fulfill their current demands, add value to their respective businesses and continue to improve the performances of our layers. It’s noticeable that the genetics at LOHMANN is far ahead from the others, both in productivity as well as in terms of health status”, says Mauro Freitas, shareholder of Planalto Postura, the new distributor of LOHMANN layers.

Javier Ramirez, Managing Director of LOHMANN TIERZUCHT in Cuxhaven, Germany, states that “This partnership will give LOHMANN a big push to becoming one of the most sold breeds in Brazil as well, as it deserves to be and in line with it’s status elsewhere in countries all around the world. The investments in the last decade in genetic development plus genomic selection have proven to be aligned with market demands and customers’ expectations. It’s a matter of technical support and focus in quality to get the egg producers to explore such genetic potential”.

Planalto Postura’s headquarters is located in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Well-known by it’s quality as well as being the most traditional commercial layer distributor in Brazil with more than 30 years of experience and remarkable relationships with Brazilian egg producers and partners, it has 200 employees and sales in all states within Brazil.

LOHMANN TIERZUCHT’s headquarters is located in Cuxhaven, Germany and its breeds are available in more than 140 countries worldwide, either marketed through it’s own strategic distribution or partnerships. LOHMANN’s breeds are recognized by the market to be well ahead on one-single-cycle production, persistent egg quality as well as its adaptation to modern production systems.

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