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Prodcution Manager Seminar 2017

Production Manager Seminar 2017


Another cherished event within the large LOHMANN Calender of Events is the Production Manager Seminar which is held every second year. The seminar is characterized by the successful combination of sports and lectures. This time the meeting took place from April 23rd -26th, 2017 in Obergurgl, Austria.

The warm welcome of Prof. Preisinger followed by a common dinner with all participants was a good start to the meeting. On Monday morning skiing was on the agenda. After this exercise in the fresh air, everybody was prepared to concentrate on the different lectures in the afternoon. “Worldwide proposed methods of sex determination”, “Options for applications in a commercial hatchery”, “Growing males from commercial layers” and the “Dual purpose bird” were the topics of the day.

As the Monday schedule of sportive morning and technical afternoon was successful, Tuesday started with skiing, too. Afterwards, Davide Assirelli, Dr. Matthias Voss and Dr. Anke Förster talked about “Optimised hatchery procedure for LSL and LB”, “Vector vaccines for commercial layers” and “Flockman for you – parent stock and commercial”. A general discussion on all topics finalized the lecture program.

At the final dinner the LOHMANN team and the participants could review the last three days in a cosy atmosphere. We hope that everybody enjoyed the stay in Obergurgl.

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