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New performance standards


As you all know our Lohmann genetic team has been focusing mainly on superior egg quality, higher number of eggs per hen housed and an even better persistency - for the whole range of products. What does it mean for you as a customer?

Producing much more first grade egg from the first till the last egg of the laying period!
So in fact, a more sustainable and profitable bird for you!

In order to translate this genetic progress to you, we are presenting our new Management Guides including the new standards for all of our brands.

The main changes are:
• Cage standards extended to 95 weeks
• Alternative standards to 85 weeks
• More eggs (1-6 eggs more than current standards)
• Higher increase of laying percentage, therefore more persistency
• Smaller distance in egg numbers between cage and alternative standards
• Slight adjustments in egg size (lower egg size in alternative management)

The new standards are available via the management guides as print-, and online version.

Leaflets and production charts will follow soon.

Please contact our marketing department or your area sales manager for more information.

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