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Hatchery Course 2017 under new management


Beginning August (07. – 11.08.2017) we could welcome many customers from all over the world to attend our seminar LOHMANN HATCHERY COURSE 2017.

It was the first time that our colleague Davide Assirelli, member of our Technical Service Team and our specialist for Incubation was responsible for the seminar programme.

As usual the LOHMANN HATCHERY COURSE concentrated on hatchery-relevant issues. This time our different hatchery managers had the chance to hold presentations about "Egg Storage and S.P.I.D.E.S.", "Egg handling and setting" as well as "Hatch windows and chicks process".

Furthermore, we could invite many external speakers to give an overview on special topics. Dr. M. Boerjan, Pas Reform, talked about “Embryonic development in the hen and incubator/fundamentals of incubation” and “Age of breeder hen, hatching egg, embryo and chick quality”. The two topics “Ventilation in hatchery” and “S.P.I.D.E.S. technology” were presented by Mr. Baker and Mr. Hodgest from EMTech. Mr. J. Cormick, Petersime, talked about “Relation of Incubation and chick quality” and Mr. Abrahams from Emka informed the participants about “Egg weight loss and dry hatch”.

In addition to handling technical issues, we also made sure that ‘fun & leisure’ did not fall too far behind. A bowling contest was organized and the sweet singing voices of the participants were put to the test during our Karaoke session on one of the evenings.

An excursion to the Netherlands made up the LOHMANN HATCHERY COURSE. The participants had the opportunity to visit TerHeerdt and Hatchtech.

It is always of great importance for us to share our knowledge with our customer in order to guarantee a successful business relationship. We hope that also this time we could manage this and that the participants enjoyed the event as much as we did.

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