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For every market the right egg, for every management system the right hen and for every customer the right training – LOHMANN SCHOOL in Cuxhaven!

Established expertise, practical orientation and individual advice – these are the key factors of our LOHMANN SCHOOL. This special training programme is held once a year for our customers from all over the world. The great success and enormous popularity of this event is reflected in this year's record-breaking number of 49 participants from around 21 countries. It is the combination of informative presentations from our experts and the exchange of experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which makes this training so special.

We always try to cover all interesting aspects for our customers. Starting with a general overview of our company itself, we offer special insights in different topics like genetics, nutrition, housing and brooding, hatching egg handling etc. Particular attention is also paid to vaccination and important diseases as well as to biosecurity and hygiene in poultry farms. The range of topics seems to be infinitely long but we always try to prepare the most important subjects. As speeches are held by our own experts we are always willing and able to have a spontaneous deeper insight in topics which are of special interest for the participants.

Those who learn a lot also have to recover to process the information. Therefore, of course, the culinary and cultural program will never be missed. This year, we offered the participants a tour round the Cuxhaven harbor to get a taste of the North Sea air and of course, due to the world championship, public viewing was an item on our agenda, too.

We would like to thank all our customers for their participation and interest which makes this event incomparable every year again.

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