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VIV Europe 2018

VIV Europe 2018


VIV Europe – unthinkable without participation of LOHMANN TIERZUCHT

VIV Europe is the World Expo based on the 'Feed to Food' principle. Organised every four years (this year from 20th – 22nd June), VIV Europe offers a global multi-specie event focused particularly on the world of production and processing for poultry meat and eggs and including pig meat, calve meat, dairy and fish.

For every management system the right hen, for every market the right egg
Our LOHMANN’s staff was very pleased to welcome many customers from all over the world into our booth. Our strength lies in our close collaborations and by working hard we make our brand even more successful. In order to meet our customers’ demand, our genetic lines fit in every thinkable market.

Spanish flair in Utrecht rounds off exhibition days

As a highlight during the fair, we offered our customers a special opportunity to get together and share experiences. In the late afternoons on two exhibition days we brought a touch of Spanish flair to our stand, offering visitors some original Spanish jamón ibérico (Iberico ham) prepared by a dedicated professional cortador de jamón (ham cutter) – rounded off with a good glass of Spanish red wine, of course! So on both evenings, the LOHMANN TIERZUCHT team was able to bring a long day to a relaxing close in the company of customers and visitors.

Our participation in the exhibition has been a resounding success and we would like to express our gratitude for everyone’s visit and hope to meet again in the near future.


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