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Genetics - The Art of Targeted Selection

The ancestor of all hens, including today’s modern laying hybrids, is the Bankiva hen. Domesticated in Asia around 4000 to 5000 years ago, it has now spread in many different breeds across the whole world. However, throughout its long history, the performance of the hen has never risen as sharply as it has in recent decades. This is due mainly to modern breeding methods. It is no longer coincidence nor pecking order which determines performance and quality. Systematic selection is now the driven force for improved performance.

Application of the Latest Methods and Systems

Genetics is the science of heredity. The first laws of inheritance were established by Gregor Johann Mendel in the middle of the 19th century. Nevertheless, it was still a long way off to the modern methods of quantitative genetics of today. In fact, high-performance computer systems were needed before geneticists could apply the selection theory to practical poultry breeding.

LOHMANN TIERZUCHT was quick to recognize the significance of the new techniques and applied them systematically to the breeding of laying hens. A highly specialized team of geneticists is constantly examining the latest research results in order to further improve selection routines. This ensures that new market requirements are met quickly and efficiently.


The Market Determines the Breeding Goal

The theory of genetics can only show the best way to achieve a specific goal. It is the market, however, which continually determines which goal this should be. Theory and practice are combined in well-planned and targeted breeding work in order to, e.g. for example, improve eggshell quality.

Maximum progress is possible thanks to experienced, highly motivated employees who record the basic data in the breeding farms and due to high-performance computer systems which rationally process the vast amounts of data. Each breeding program is based on individual variations. The most important breeding goal is to improve the average performance of a group of hens: continually and consistently – flock after flock and year after year. With one clear goal: well-balanced performance specifications which are adjusted to a wide variety of different markets.

Genetics – the Art of Targeted Selection
Genetics – the Art of Targeted Selection
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