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From Breeding Progress to Breeding Milestones

If you want eggs, you need laying hens – and these hens have to be healthy and productive. Consumers wanted even more: one wanted white eggs, another wanted brown eggs, the next one wanted large eggs and another wanted small eggs. Egg producers also had specific requirements: one producer kept his hens in cages, another in percheries and yet another kept them in barns or had a free-range system. This is why LOHMANN TIERZUCHT’s principle very quickly became: “For each housing system the right hen – for every market the right egg”. A principle which is also of the highest priority for LOHMANN TIERZUCHT’S breeding work.

Research and Development as a Pillar of Support

Intensive research and development is one of the supporting pillars of a sustainable breeding program and for breeding achievements which always continue to be milestones in international poultry breeding. LOHMANN TIERZUCHT is constantly investing in research and development. Around ten percent of its turnover is invested in this area and provides the basis for innovations – and for the company’s success.
The investments pay off: constant advances in breeding progress with regard to all major performance and quality traits and innovations ensure that LOHMANN TIERZUCHT remains the market leader and that its customers are provided with real added value and a major competitive edge. Here are just two of many examples:
The patent for marker-assisted selection against “fish odour eggs” contributed to better utilisation of regional sources of protein. The transponder-based performance testing in barn systems is a second step in the market-oriented breeding of laying hens.

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