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FMD Madrid

55th Franchise Distributor Meeting Madrid


Our this year's Franchise Distributor Meeting in Madrid Spain came to a successful end. The beautiful ciity of Madrid was the perfect stage for our anniversary event.

The motto of the event was "Globally connected with LOHMANN". On the first day, we had an interesting array of presentations in relation to the global connection today and in the past. The excellent technical equipment and effects followed the motto perfectly as well.

The second day should have been the right platform for discussions and exchange of experiences. Some of our customers held presentations about challenges with which they were confonted in their countries which became to opportunities for their business.

As Madrid is a fascinating city full of history and culture, we could not miss the unique opportunity to organize a cultural program in the afternoon to gain fascinating impressions of this wonderful city. We also organized an additional tour to Valencia for those who wanted to get to know Spain a bit more.

We would like to thank all of our participants for joining us and hope that everyone enjoyed their stay in Spain together with our LOHMANN Team!

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