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LOHMANN FDM Cruise Tour 2018

One Boat – One Team – Navigate to Success


LOHMANN celebrates its 56th Franchise Distributor Meeting on the high seas

A mini-cruise with one of the largest motor-sailors in the world - an unusual venue for a conference? Not for LOHMANN. This year, we invited our customers and business partners to our four-day Franchise Distributor Meeting Cruise Tour. Starting in Nice our journey took us along the French and Italian Mediterranean coast including visits of the beautiful cities of Livorno / Florence and Portofino.

One Boat - One Team – Navigate to Success

This was the motto of the tour and the first day of the seminar made our course for success clear. Success means development - reaching new horizons. In this sense, the LOHMANN Crew presented our new management recommendations. Being successful does not mean shutting oneself off to new developments but “exploring new seas” – global subject of the second part of the day. The LOHMANN experts looked at the different aspects of alternative housing systems, one of the main developments in the poultry industry, not only in Europe. 

Set the Sail for New Inspirations

The second seminar day "set the sail for new inspirations". The start was made by Dr. Matthias Schmutz (chief geneticist LTZ) and Mr. Jörg Heier (director of global production LTZ), presenting internal innovations and new projects to be realised by LOHMANN.
This was followed by interesting contributions on innovative projects in the poultry industry by Mr. Jörg Hurlin (EW Group), Mr. Will van der Heijden (Cooperative DEP), Mrs. Marta Miguel (Institute of Food Science Research) and Prof. Mario Díaz (University of Oviedo).

Italian Culture

Being in wonderful Italy, we could not afford to miss the opportunity to sniff a bit of culture or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. Accordingly, we have also prepared a varied leisure program for our guests. A visit to the Tuscan capital Florence is an absolute must and also Portofino and Genoa offered many opportunities to relax and to breathe Italian air.

The 56th Franchise Distributor Meeting was an eventful meeting of a different kind. We hope that our customers and business partners enjoyed our cruise as much as the entire LOHMANN Crew did.

We thank all participants for being our guests!


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